HVAC and refrigeration

Wanted: tech-savvy students with sound manual skills

Constantly evolving regulations, refrigerants, techniques, and technologies make heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration a very dynamic field with great employment prospectives. Technology sophistication generates changes in training requirements and programs, and you can count on Festo to provide relevant and efficient training solutions.

Practical training for a well-rounded education

Our line of HVAC-R training solutions encompasses skills trainers, training units and systems, as well as demonstrators, to comprehensively answer the needs of instructors and students in a variety of key topics in this field.

Our solutions enhance student understanding of the underlying principles of the systems, applications, and devices, and support proficiency in the manual skills, so that students can competently create, install, troubleshoot, and repair HVAC-R systems for residential, commercial, and industrial installations and buildings.

Effective, ready-to-use learning content

The courseware that accompanies each training system clearly and concisely presents theory, then proceeds to step-by-step, illustrated, and practical hands-on assignments and experiments using the industrial-grade hardware.

Content focuses on subjects that are difficult to teach, like troubleshooting and energy efficiency, performance, and controls, to prepare students for jobs in the field of HVAC. This pedagogical approach allows instructors to seamlessly integrate classroom and hands-on experiences, maximizing student learning and adapting content to specific needs.

Explore our learning solutions:

HVAC-R Fundamentals

Introduce the basics of HVAC and refrigeration: terminology, safety, components characteristics and functions, basic physics principles, refrigeration cycle, and common tools and instrumentation.

See HVAC and refrigeration demonstrators and training systems that convey the fundamentals

Heating and Cooling

Convey the techniques related to HVAC, such as safety, tools and instrumentation, refrigerants, system operating characteristics, efficiency testing, electrical power, and controls.

Browse heat pumps, geothermal, and building controls training equipment

Medium- and Low-Temperature Refrigeration

Provides comprehensive, hands-on coverage of key refrigeration topics using demonstrators, applications, and complete systems.

See refrigeration training platforms that support a progressive learning path

HVAC-R System Fabrication

Common HVAC and refrigeration applications provide the opportunity to learn basic skills, such as wiring, piping, evacuating, charging, testing, and troubleshooting.

View skills trainers that will put students to the test