Industrial Trades Training Solutions from Festo Didactic

Industrial trades

Developing essential manual skills for hands-on industrial careers

Despite technological advances and increasing factory automation, many industrial tasks still remain manual and must be performed by resourceful, competent personnel. Our hands-on training solutions support the development of important skills and abilities required for the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of industrial equipment.

If you provide training in industrial and construction trades, you probably spend most of your time in the workshop, guiding learners through practical learning activities. We support you on many levels:

Realistic, safe learning platforms

Well-designed, mobile training hardware, scaled for student use, facilitates learning and optimizes laboratory space. Students will use real-life tools and components, and learn the techniques used in the industry, for a meaningful learning experience.

Universal, transferrable skills

Each system tackles a specific set of skills required for industrial trades workers, ensuring focused, yet comprehensive coverage. The pedagogical approach is designed to allow easy transfer of acquired abilities, techniques, and knowledge in various industry segments.

Turnkey courseware: added value

Courseware offers just the right amount of theory, focusing on practice-oriented, carefully planned exercises, including coverage of troubleshooting and safety. The illustrated, step-by-step exercises promote autonomy and self-learning.

Learning solutions are available for:

Machinery Mechanics

No matter the industry segment, a machine is a machine: basic mechanical knowledge of the different components and systems is required for efficient reactive and preventive maintenance.

Learning solutions from Festo cover installation of mechanical drive elements, such as shafts, belts, chains, gears, couplings, bearings, ball screws, seals, clutches and brakes, as well as assembly, disassembly, and installation of various pumps in working circuits using the tools and methods of the trades.

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Pipe and Steam Fitting

Piping systems carry water, steam, chemicals, or fuel used in heating, cooling, lubricating, and other industrial processes.

Learning solutions from Festo cover reading of piping schematics, calculation of pipe lengths, fabrication, installation, and testing of piping circuits made of galvanized steel pipes, hoses, PVC pipes, and copper tubes. Students learn to identify and perform test procedures on backflow prevention (BFP) devices.

Discover the Piping Training Systems

Electrical Installations

Electrical distribution systems supply energy for lighting, heating, machinery operation, etc. in industrial projects and buildings.

Learning solutions from Festo cover installation of enclosures and conduits, professional wiring techniques, and concepts in electrical power distribution. Students also learn to set up and wire fire-alarm components, such as control panel, auxiliary panel, initiating devices (fire-alarm stations, heat and smoke detectors), and notification appliances (including horns), and accessories.

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Fundamentals of manufacturing

The variety of tasks in manufacturing facilities requires the development of broad skill sets. For example, dimensional metrology skills allow workers to perform product inspection and quality control. Festo offers learning solutions that develop the basic skills required to work in manufacturing.

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