Air preparation combination unit MSE6-C2M

Regulation, shutoff, measurement: full control over the compressed air supply. The MSE6-C2M monitors consumption, shuts off compressed air at times when production is inactive, and ensures a soft restart because the pressure does not fall below a defined level.
  • Width dimension 62 mm
  • Intelligent air preparation unit for optimizing the use of compressed air as an energy medium in industrial automation technology
  • Combination of bus node, air flow sensor, proportional pressure control valve and stop valve with pressure sensor
  • Identification of production downtime and leakages
  • User-controlled shut-off and pressure regulation
  • Configurable up-rate limitation for setpoint pressure
  • Equipped with measuring, control, and diagnostic functions
  • Fieldbus connection (PROFINET IO) via integrated bus nodes enables connection to a higher-level controller
  • System extension by means of CPX-Extension row 1 interface for connecting an energy efficiency module MSE6-D2M or connecting digital and analog CPX IO modules
  • Two digital inputs and outputs
  • Sustainable operation due to active air shut-off and pressure reduction
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Intelligent use of energy

The energy efficiency module MSE6­-C2M combines the pressure regulator, on/off valve, sensors and fieldbus communication into one unit. It monitors the compressed air consumption, shuts off the compressed air after production has stopped for a certain time, and prevents the system pressure from falling below a specific stand-by pressure level.

Detecting stand-by states, automatic shut-off or stand-by pressure control
After entering machine-specific parameters, the module detects whether a system is producing or is idle. Shutting off the compressed air supply means that air cannot be consumed unnecessarily and will not continue to be supplied to any machine leaks. Instead, the MSE6-C2M can maintain the output pressure at a previously defined stand-by pressure so that system availability is not impaired.

Control functions and process monitoring
The MSE6­-C2M can be installed in existing systems or in new systems. Wherever the supply of compressed air is to be monitored and controlled.

Control functions:

  • Adjustable regulated output pressure
  • Automatic pressure reduction without exhausting the system during downtimes
  • Detecting leaks by evaluating the pressure drop in stand­-by­ mode
  • Adjustable pressure increase (soft-start)
  • Digital inputs and outputs

Process monitoring:

  • Flow rate
  • Air consumption
  • Output pressure
  • Pressure change

Want to know how much money and CO2 emissions you can save with the MSE6-C2M?

Find out all the important product information about the energy efficiency module MSE6-C2M

Clever compressed air management with the MSE6-C2M

See how it works in automatic mode here:

Return on investment after only 1 to 1.5 years

Assuming a machine produces in two-shift operation 250 days per year with a compressed air consumption of 2,000 l/min at 6 bar and a leakage rate of 10%. If the compressed air is not shut off during the 4,000 hours of non-production time, 48,000 Nm³ is simply lost. An expensive luxury that costs you 912 euros and 3.2 t of CO2emissions. On the other hand, by reducing the pressure from 6 bar to 2.5 bar, you can save a total of 640 euros and 2.2 t of CO2 emissions.
And since additional functions such as classic MS6-LR , pressure regulators, MS6-EE on/off valves, SPAU pressure sensors and SFAM flow rate sensors are integrated in the energy efficiency modules, the payback period is further reduced. Especially considering the costs of a regular manual leak search.
The bottom line is that a more conscious use of compressed air pays for itself in less than 1 to 1.5 years.

Example calculation:

  • Compressed air costs: €0.019/Nm³
  • Consumption of the machine: 2,000 l/min
  • Production/day: 16 h
  • Production/year: 250 d
  • Leakage rate: 10%
  • Working pressure: 6 bar
  • Stand-by pressure: 2.5 bar

10% at 2,000 l/min* = 2,000 l/min ( fi = 0.2 Nm³/min )

Production time:
(365 d · 24 h) - (250 · 16 h) = 4,760 h
4,760 h - 760 h** = 4,000 h (240,000 min)

Leakage during non-production time (at 6 bar)
0.2 Nm³/min 240,000 rpm = 48,000 Nm³

Savings during non-production time
when the pressure is reduced from 6 bar to 2.5 bar
48,000 Nm³ 0.7 €0.019/Nm³ = €639

  1. * depending on the type of leakage: based on a purely statistical worst-case scenario (hole in the tubing) = 70%
    ** Assumption: 760 h maintenance/servicing
    *** 1 kWh of electricity produces 0.5 kg CO2. These figures apply to Germany and may vary in other countries. Figures 2015: Source German Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt)