Air preparation combination unit MSE6-D2M

Save energy in compressed air systems: the MSE6-D2M will do it for you automatically! MSE6-D2M monitors consumption, shuts off compressed air at times when production is inactive, and reduces the pressure to 0 bar. For a second compressed air line, you can connect it to the new MSE6-C2M or to a CPX terminal.
  • Width dimension 62 mm
  • Intelligent air preparation unit for optimizing the use of compressed air as an energy medium in industrial automation technology
  • Combination of air flow sensor and stop valve with pressure sensor
  • Identification of production downtime and leakages
  • User-controlled shut-off and pressurization
  • Equipped with measuring, control, and diagnostic functions
  • Fieldbus connection (PROFINET IO) via the fieldbus node of the CPX extension actuating energy efficiency module MSE6-C2M-…-M or CPX terminal
  • Sustainable operation due to active air shut-off and pressure reduction
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