Automation system CPX-E

When used as an automation system, the CPX-E acts as the central controller for your custom handling system. The CPX-E is designed for use as an EtherCAT master controller and motion controller in IP20 or a compact, reasonably priced remote I/O.
  • Modern control system with high performance
  • Fieldbus master interfaces, EtherCAT® master, fieldbus slave interfaces, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT digital input modules (16DI), digital output modules (8DO/0.5A)
  • Analog input modules (current, voltage), analog output modules (current, voltage)
  • Modern programming with CoDeSys V3 to IEC 61131-3
  • Integration of SoftMotion functions (SoftMotion)
  • Compact I/O assembly
  • Easy mounting of the control system
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Automation platform CPX-E: The interface for many functions

As the interface between the host controller and modular automation solution, CPX-E is the point where pneumatics, electric drive technology as well as sensors come together. The integrated decentralized control function is achieved in the decentralized network via EtherCAT® masters. EtherCAT® is also used for the direct connection of servo drives. IO-Link® provides greater flexibility for point-to-point communication.

CPX-E Motion license
With the software licence “Motion and robotics” for the controller CPX-E-CEC-M1-xx, you get a user-friendly solution that enables you to design handling applications quickly and conveniently. You can obtain the two licenses in the Festo App World .

PTP license

  • Point-to-point interpolation
  • Actuation of simple kinematic systems
  • Graphical visualization for handheld terminal CDSA-D3-RV
  • Teach-in function in combination with visualization
  • For applications such as pick and place, loading/unloading

CP license

  • Cartesian linear and circular interpolation
  • Interpolation of the orientation
  • Contour applications
  • Graphic visualization for handheld terminals CDSA-D3-RV
  • Teach-in function in combination with visualization

Festo Teach Language FTL

The software FTL is included in the CPX-E motion licenses. It provides a variety of functions for programming motion and actuating I/Os. Thanks to its simple design and intuitive operation, programming motions is very straightforward and requires no extensive programming skills or special training. This means the programmer can completely focus on the application.

For mobile commissioning and optimization: handheld terminal CDSA

  • Graphical, intuitive software for teach-in
  • Easy-to-learn, dialog-based software on a touchscreen
  • Integrated message system
  • User management
  • 7" touchscreen
  • Integration into 2-channel safety circuits with emergency stop and enabling button
  • Shutdown box for control cabinet assembly
  • Available cable lengths: 5, 10 and 15 m

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