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The ADN is extremely compact and lightweight, and has been condensed to the bare essentials. Its sturdy design to ISO and more than 350 variants in a wide range of sizes, lengths and cushioning options make it an extremely attractive option for many applications.

More options than the standard

  • From ⌀ 12 to 125 mm
  • Customized variants can be easily configured online
  • Extensive range of mounting accessories for virtually any installation situation

Greater performance – so your system can achieve maximum performance

  • High speeds and machine cycles can be achieved thanks to excellent running properties and outstanding cushioning characteristics
  • Up to 50% less installation space compared with large standards-based cylinders to ISO 15552
  • Systematically well thought-out: 1 proximity switch that can be used in T-slots on 3 sides for all sizes as well as many other cylinder series

With self-adjusting cushioning PPS

  • No time-consuming setting and readjustment necessary
  • Process reliable, as there is no need for any adjustment
  • Reduced vibrations and noise