Compact cylinder, double-acting ADN-S

Smaller systems yet greater performance. This balancing act is not a problem with the compact cylinders ADN-S. They are extremely small and light and deliver excellent performance with small movements. All thanks to the one-piece, compact housing.
  • Minimal fitting space
  • Extra light
  • Ideal for small movements
  • Piston rod with internal or external thread
  • Magnetic piston for position sensing
  • Variants recommended for production facilities for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries
  • Sustainable in production due to reduction of material use
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More space for other things!

Perfect for micro-movements
The ADN-S is ideal in test situations, simulation setups or test procedures like pressing buttons on devices, or in switch-on and switch-off operations which typically have small loads. Thanks to the excellent running characteristics, the AEN-S/ADN-S with their lightweight and scaled-down housing are reliable and durable in operation.

Finds in any space
The ADN shows off its advantages to great effect when installed in a non-problematical environment and at high density, since it is always easy to operate. The many fastening options make installation quick and easy, even in the smallest spaces. You too can easily find space for it in your application.

Flexible connections
The female thread on the piston rod provides further connection options.

New cylinder series

How can we support you in building smaller machines and setting up your machines quickly? Our smaller cylinder options will be useful for you.