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End position controller CPX-CMPX-C-1-H1

The electronic end-position controller Soft Stop CPX-CMPX brings actuators quickly and gently into the right position. This allows a reduction in cycle time of about 30% while also relieving stress on the actuator and handling components. With Soft Stop, you can move loads up to 450 kg with high dynamic response.
CPX-CMPX-C-1-H1 Part no.  548931
  • Electronic end-position control for pneumatic actuators
  • Soft Stop for smooth braking and quick acceleration
  • Suitable for use with all fieldbus/Ethernet available on CPX
  • Easy commissioning with Festo plug and work
  • Approx. 30% shorter travel times and 30% less air consumption than with comparable standard pneumatics
  • End positions with 2 additional, freely positionable intermediate positions
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Dimensions W x L x H
50 mm x 107 mm x 55 mm
Type code
Module-orientated diagnostics
Via local 7-segment display
Max. number of modules
Seven-segment display
Control elements
3 pushbuttons
DC operating voltage range
18 V ... 30 V
Load voltage range DC
20 V ... 30 V
Nominal operating voltage DC
24 V
Nominal voltage DC
24 V
Current consumption at nominal operating voltage
80 mA
Permissible load current
2.5 A
Continuous shock resistance to DIN/IEC 68 Part 2-29
Tested as per severity level 2
Relative air humidity
5 - 95 %
Degree of protection
as per IEC 60529
Vibration resistance to DIN/IEC 68 Part 2-6
Tested as per severity level 2
Ambient temperature
-5 °C ... 50 °C
Product weight
140 g
Axes per string
No. of axis strings
Electrical connection, control interface
Cable length
≤ 30 m
Control interface
CAN bus with Festo protocol
Terminating resistor integrated
Housing material

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