Guided actuator, metric DFM

Place your trust in precise guidance and great absorption of torques and shear forces - coupled with a sturdy, compact design. The guided actuator DFM is suitable for clamping, lifting and stopping tasks.
  • Actuator and guide unit in a single housing
  • High resistance to torques and lateral forces
  • Plain or ball bearing guide
  • Wide variety of mounting and attachment options
  • Wide range of variants for customized applications
  • Variants recommended for production facilities for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries
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Sturdy and reliable!

Reliability is the name of the game with the DFM. This impressive guided drive has the best price/performance ratio in the market and offers optimum guide characteristics, sturdiness and flexibility. It is reliable, adaptable and resilient – even with high torques.

Double leadership ability

With its two different guide variants, the DFM can move up to 100% more load than its competitors.


It adapts flexibly to every application thanks to a choice of assembly and air port options.

Compact design

The combination of linear drive and powerful guide unit means that the DFM can reliably move high loads, even in tight spaces.

Always available

The DFM is part of our core range and therefore quickly available worldwide.

Reliably sturdy

Thanks to its superior guide characteristics, the DFM is much more resilient and durable than competitor products.