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Compact positioning!

The very compact mini slide EGSC-BS shines with a protected recirculating ball bearing guide. The internal spindle and guide enable precise and smooth movement – horizontally as well as vertically.

"One-size-down" assembly system

It's very simple: the universal profile mounting enables the mini slide EGSC-BS to be mounted on the spindle axis ELGC-BS and the toothed belt axis ELGC-TB without the need for additional adapters.

1. Integrated coupling

Very compact coupling integrated in the mini slide. Including easy exchange in case of service, compatible with axial and parallel kit

2. Linear guide and recirculating ball bearing guide

  • Integrated linear guide with long-life recirculating ball bearing guide for improved torsional stability at high torques
  • Rigid and precise guide rail to absorb transverse forces as we as increased rigidity of the mini slide

3. Ball screw drive

Very high-quality ball screw drive with low internal friction and minimum base load torque. This allows the use of a smaller and lighter motor with less power.

4. Yoke plate

Standardized interface for direct mounting of the electric rotary drive ERMO without the need for adapters

5. Motor mounting

EGSC motor mounting

Free choice of motor positions: axial or parallel mounting kits can also be changed at a later date

6. Pressure compensation port

EGSC pressure compensation port

Standard: filter screwed in
Optional: subsequently ducted

Ambient particles or moisture are not sucked into the electric cylinder and no particles are emitted into the ambient air