Servo drive CMMT-ST

The extremely small servo drive CMMT-ST performs positioning and movement tasks up to 300 W, highly efficiently, dynamically, and precisely, point-to-point or by interpolation. And it can be easily commissioned in no time, via the Festo Automation Suite and the integrated auto-tuning function.
  • High efficiency in tasks with low power requirements
  • Ideal for positioning tasks and point-to-point and interpolating movement solutions
  • 50% more compact than the smallest servo drive CMMT-AS
  • 150 W at 24 V DC, 300 W at 48 V DC
  • When operating with the existing 24 V DC network in a control cabinet and a continuous output of 150 W, there is no need for an extra fixed power supply unit
  • With safety functions
  • Optimized for use with stepper motors like the tried-and-tested EMMS-ST
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Servo drive CMMT: The highlights presented by the Product Manager

Even small automation tasks like simply moving a workpiece from A to B can become an endless undertaking and a complex project – making commissioning take even longer.
See how to do it faster and easier in the video:

Festo Elevator Pitch: The servo drive CMMT-ST

With our CMMT-ST, you can realize axes with up to 300 watts continuous power.
But these are only a few examples – watch the video for even more advantages.

Festo Elevator Pitch: servo drive family CMMT

Whether large or small application areas, we always have the right drive system for you – from 300 watts up to 12 kilowatts.
See more features and advantages of the servo drive family CMMT in 35 seconds.

1. Ethernet-based communication

  • One servo drive platform for numerous fieldbuses
  • Easily integrated into automation solutions with controllers from, for example, Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff and others

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2. Extremely compact

50% more compact than the smallest CMMT-AS with almost the exact same performance

3. Commissioning

Commissioning with the Festo Automation Suite is error-free and takes just a few minutes

4. Parameter sets

  • Optimal parameters for optimized cycle times and process reliability
  • Save up to 3 parameter sets on the closed-loop controller for complex applications

5. Integrated standard safety

  • STO: torque can be safely switched off (SIL3/cat. 3 PL e)
  • SS1: safe stop 1 (type c) when using a suitable external switching device and a suitable circuit
  • Configuration without software possible

6. Motor connection and encoder interface

Motor connection of firmware and parameters:

  • Optimal with proven stepper motor EMMS-ST from Festo
  • Suitable for BLDC motors (brushless DC motor)

Encoder interface:
For greater positioning accuracy of the axis mechanism

7. Dynamic movement and precise positioning

  • Point-to-point
  • Interpolating

8. Technical data

  • Max. continuous output: 300 W
  • Primary voltage: 24...48 V DC
  • Motor current: 8 A/peak 10 A

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