Spindle axis ELGT-BS

Compact and low-cost spindle axis with integrated double guide for 2D and 3D cantilever systems in the electronics industry, with desktop applications as well as in battery production.
  • High resilience and rigidity due to double-acting guide
  • Compact design
  • With ball screw drive
  • Optimal ratio between installation space and work space due to optimized axis design
  • Simple integration of motors with mounting kits
  • Optimized for use in the electronic and automotive industry
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Spindle axis ELGT as cantilever system at a glance

Spindle axis ELGT

1. Hardcover design

To protect the guide and screw actuator

2. Adapter kits

For servo motors from Festo and for many Asian and European third-party motors

3. Motor mounting

Free choice of motor positions (turned 4x90°), can also be changed at a later date

4. Position sensing

Cost-effective and simple position sensing using inductive proximity sensors mounted directly in the groove as well as adapter kit for optical sensors commonly available in Asia, e.g. from Omron

5. Z-Axes

Alternative Z-axes for vertical movements: spindle axes ELGC or mini slides EGSC

6. Connecting components

Very light and at the same time extremely stable mounting brackets and mounting plates for precise connection of the axes to each other

7. Guide

Double guide of the axis slide for size­120/160 and extra-wide single guide of the axis slide for size 90

8. Mounting options

Mounting by direct bolting or laterally by means of slot nuts or mounting brackets

9. Battery manufacturing

Each <1% copper and zinc content

Spindle axis ELGT for cantilever systems – economical, compact and rigid

Our spindle axis ELGT with its protected double guide is impressive as a single axis or combined to 2D and 3D cantilever systems with excellent compactness and very good cost-efficiency. Can be used wherever your production process requires it, where the conveyor path cannot be built over or when maximum compactness defines the machine layout. In the electronics industry and in desktop applications as well as in battery manufacturing. They can also be used in test and inspection systems, in small parts handling or in assembly systems.