Three-dimensional gantry YXCR

Cartesian robot for 3D movements. For long strokes up to 3000 mm in the X direction, also with high loads. For all-purpose use by combining various axis modules. Configure and order now, in just three steps using the Handling Guide Online!
  • Ready-to-install complete system, including energy chain for cables and tubing as well as matching motor and servo drive package
  • For three-dimensional movements in the vertical working space
  • Flexible working space due to scaleable strokes along the Y- and Z-axes
  • Choice of vertical axis - pneumatic or electric
  • X-axis based on belt driven linear actuator EGC-TB
  • Y-axis based on belt driven linear actuator EGC-TB and belt driven linear actuator with heavy-duty guide EGC-HD-TB
  • Z-axis based on mini slide DGSL (pneumatic), EGSL (electro-mechanical) and ball screw linear actuator EGC-BS (electro-mechanical)
  • High mechanical rigidity and sturdy design
  • Universal applications
  • Especially suitable for very long strokes in every direction
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