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Breaking ranks

Highly flexible mill-turn centres

Many users of mill-turn centres from Stama are reporting time savings of up to 70% and unit cost reductions of 50%. This is all thanks to the high flexibility of the machines and their virtually negligible setup times. The integrated automation solution from Festo for loading and unloading the workpieces as well as the tool changer in the additional magazine contribute to this success.


Make some room!

Smaller packaging machines thanks to CPX/MPA

With the “Breakthrough Generation of Machines” from Italian packaging machine manufacturer Cama, manufacturers of consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals are experiencing a completely new feeling of space in their factories. The new machines from Cama take up one third less space—thanks to the valve manifold concept CPX/MPA.


Pit stop for headlights

Fully automated tempering of car headlights

When the material is free of stresses, the product keeps its shape. A proven method for the internal harmonization of materials is tempering. Modern thermal systems such as those produced by CeraCon GmbH do this by conveying components through heat tunnels on multiple levels to save space. In a new system, safety and axis systems from Festo are used to optimize the stress relief process for car headlights during tempering.

Handling with spatial separation

Thanks to the defined levitating gap, not only can superconducting systems work in all spatial planes, but rather without contact through walls as well. This opens up entirely new prospects for handling systems in protected spaces and through coverings.


As precise as a Swiss watch

Faster palletizing with the delta robot EXPT

The Swiss watch industry protects the legendary reputation of its watches with the quality label “Swiss Made”. This level of quality can only be achieved with fast and accurate automation equipment. This led Amax Automation AG to create a multifunctional palletizer – with robotic and handling systems such as the ready-to-install delta robot EXPT from Festo.


LED it be

Turnkey handling systems

Austrian plant engineering firm Vescon developed a solution for producing modern LED headlights for the Slovakian plant of well-known Tier 1 supplier. The focus was on efficient handling systems, the correct processing of time-critical production steps and end-to-end traceability. Specialists from Festo's Technical and Application Center, who were taking care of the turnkey handling systems, made up part of the team.


CogniGame is a reinterpretation of a well-known video game from the 1970s. However, the action now takes place on a real playing field: with two players, a ball and two clubs, each mounted on a linear axis along the baseline. The club can be driven along the line to the left or right to fend off the sphere and keep it in play. One player moves his club with a joystick, the second controls his linear axis solely by thought power via the brain-computer interface (BCI).

Transporting in all spatial planes

There are already various technologies for moving objects by means of levitation. But thanks to the astonishing properties of superconductors – such as their stable levitation distance – totally new processes are conceivable in all spatial planes and directions.


Perfectly packed

Fully automated packing of soap dispensers

State-of-the-art packaging machines cannot always completely replace manual procedures. However, manual work is time-consuming and limits production capacity. With innovative automation components and extensive expertise, so-matec epple GmbH made the seemingly impossible a reality for Erdal. An electronic cam disc in combination with electric toothed belt axes perfectly mimic the movements of the human hand.

Contactless turning, shaking and measuring

Superconducting automation modules can be implemented with a variety of active actuators. This makes it possible for them to perform even unusual motion sequences, suspension operations and handling processes by means of levitation.


Getting to the point

Selective soldering of sensors in the protective housing

The production of sensors for the automotive industry requires increasingly sophisticated solutions. A new machine concept developed by IPTE Factory Automation enables the fast and reliable soldering of printed circuit boards in the plastic housing. The ready-to-install industrial robot from Festo used in the concept makes cycle times of less than three seconds possible, despite a moving mass of more than 60 kg.

Transferring hovering objects

Levitating transfer of objects beyond system boundaries not only makes longer process chains possible without contact. It also permits low-maintenance operation in settings with strict cleanliness requirements.