Festo Motion Terminal apps

Motion Apps – Your route to greater productivity

Smart software solutions for maximum flexibility 

A wide range of products, functions and complete solution packages are integrated into the Festo Motion Terminal. One valve technology, a powerful controller and smart apps: this combination heralds a new era in terms of flexibility.

The apps are the key to almost limitless function integration for valve terminals. This approach will:

  • Reduce the complexity of your systems.
  • Speed up your engineering processes.
  • Cut your time to market.

Directional control valve functions


The function can be assigned easily and conveniently via the PC or the machine's control system. You can change the standard directional control valve functions, e.g. 4/2, 4/3, 3/2 etc., at any time and as often as you want. This means that just one valve terminal gives you all the flexibility you need.

Proportional directional control valve


Two proportional flow control systems in one valve - an economic and compact solution.

Proportional pressure regulation


Incorporate two individual and independently adjustable proportional pressure regulators in just one valve! An extremely economical and compact solution.

Model-based proportional pressure regulation


This app does away with the need for external sensor technology as there are fewer basic parameters in the model-based controller. The monitoring model reduces programming time and effort, while the groundbreaking control system ensures a high degree of control precision.

Supply and exhaust air flow control


Would you like to avoid time-consuming manual adjustments and do away with separate one-way flow control valves?

The supply and exhaust air flow control function allows you to conveniently and quickly adjust the speed at the touch of a button, with no risk of unauthorised manipulation. This means that you can program motion sequences with different flow control valve settings.

ECO drive

Load-dependent energy consumption

The "ECO drive" app can now be used to automatically reduce pneumatic energy consumption to the level actually required for a movement. This keeps energy consumption to the bare minimum for simple motion tasks that do not require any additional force in the end position. Look at this example of a slide device for a wooden block to see how this works.

Standard operation

A standard valve supplies a pressure of 6 bar to the compressed air network. At the end of the movement, the full supply pressure of 6 bar is built up in the drive chamber, irrespective of the moving load – as seen at the bottom of the animation.

ECO drive with the Festo Motion Terminal: for energy savings of up to 70%

The compressed air network supplies the Festo Motion Terminal with a pressure of 6 bar. Depending on the load and the movement phase, the actual pressure in the drive is reduced to the level required using throttled pressurisation. This can be seen at the top of the animation.

  1. During the movement phase: load-dependent pressure thanks to throttled pressurisation without a one-way flow control valve
  2. At the end of the movement: the compressed air supply is switched off. The drive is operated at the minimum pressure required for the load, e.g. 4 bar. Unlike in standard operation, the pressure is not increased to the level of the supply pressure (6 bar).
  3. Return stroke with no load: here, an even lower pressure level is used – the consumption is automatically adapted to the load again.


Presetting of travel time


The cycle time can be specified intuitively and effortlessly, without any adjustment. The system adapts itself until the measured travel time corresponds to the required travel time. This enables you to achieve the highest level of continuity and process reliability in your systems.

Selectable pressure level (ECO)


Save energy – by setting several pressure levels. Simply set the pressure for selected movements to a level of your choice. Additionally, you can control the speed by adjusting the flow control valve setting.

Soft Stop


Shorten your cycle times by up to 70%! With Soft Stop, you can implement highly dynamic yet gentle positioning motion without wear-prone shock absorbers. The app in combination with the new sensors SDAP reduces waiting times and increases the service life of your application.

Leakage diagnostics


The separate diagnostic cycles enable you to detect and locate individually leakages in your compressed air network. Precise and preventive maintenance is thus possible thanks to predefined threshold values.