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At Festo, low-cost standard pneumatic components take the place of complex special designs. This is possible because the quality concept is compatible with almost all standard series products. These standard pneumatic components are suitable for use in a class 7 clean room according to ISO 14644-1.

Close-to-standard products for clean rooms up to class 4

More stringent requirements, but still an optimum cost/benefit ratio. Class 4 also means standard products at Festo, but with one restriction: these products are not kept in stock. However, they can still be delivered to you within a very short time.

Products up to class 1

Products up to class 1 are manufactured according to your specific requirements. Festo integrates these application-optimised solutions in its close-to-standard production, so they will be available the next time you need them.

Clean room-suitable pneumatic products from Festo have been certified for maximum safety in accordance with the standardised criterai of VDI Guideline 2086-9.1. They are ideal for the semiconductor and food industries, as well as for the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, optics, microsystems technology and environmental technology: as close-to-standard as possible; as individual as necessary.
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Clean room class according to ISO 14644-1

Products from Festo are classified in line with ISO 14644-1. In each case, the "worst case" method is used. This means that the worst value for the sample parts analysed is always specified.
What does the standard involve?
Example: class 7 allows max. 352,000 airborne particles with a diameter greater than 0.5 µm per m³ of air.

Particles per m³
Class 0.1µm 0.2 µm 0.3 µm 0.5 µm 1.0 µm 5.0 µm
ISO 1 10 2
ISO 2 100 24 10 4
ISO 3 1,000 237 102 35 8
ISO 4 10,000 2,370 1,020 352  83
ISO 5 100,000 23,700 10,200 3,520 832 29
ISO 6 1,000,000 237,000 102,000 35,200 8,320 293
ISO 7 352,000 83,200 2,930
ISO 8 3,520,000 832,000 29,300
ISO 9 35,200,000 8,320,000 293,000