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In pneumatics, nitrogen is only used in a gaseous state. It is an inert gas and does not react under normal conditions. The nitrogen used must be available in a gaseous state. The operating pressure and operating temperatures must comply with the values specified for compressed air on the data sheet.
Contamination of the nitrogen used in terms of residual humidity, residual oil content etc. complies with the specifications in the catalogue for operation with compressed air.

If these parameters are observed, our products can be operated with pure nitrogen (100%) as the pressure medium without any significant reduction in service life.
Nitrogen is often very moist. In order to avoid saponification or washing out of the life-time lubrication through the "contamination" water, nitrogen must only be used in a dried condition.

Attention: If nitrogen is used as a pressure medium, please ensure sufficient ventilation of the affected workplaces. Otherwise it can be very dangerous for people (suffocation hazard)!



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