Self-aligning rod couplers

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The connection between a cylinder and the part to be moved is always subjected to certain design requirements. The self-aligning rod coupler FK is able to cover part of these requirements - compensation of the centre offset and angle compensation.


What is the maximum permissible pressure and tensile load of the self-aligning rod couplers FK-...? 

Type Maximum permissible pressure
and tensile load
FK-M4 750
FK-M5 1200
FK-M6 1200
FK-M8  2500
FK-M10 5000
FK-M10x1.25 5000
FK-M12 5000
FK-M12x1.25 5000
FK-M16 10000
 FK-M16x1.5 10000
FK-M20 10000
 FK-M20x1.5 10000
FK-M24 24000
 FK-M27x2 30000