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More than the standard!
In order to have cylinders that can be used for a wide range of applications, the most important cylinders such as standard or compact cylinders, are produced in a large number of variants.The configurator provided by Festo is a convenient and easy way of assembling a product according using the modular system and ensuring it meets individual requirements.

Symbol Variant Characteristics Description
Symbol S1.png  S1 Reinforced piston rod Increased lateral forces. Absorbs substantially more
lateral force than a basic cylinder
Symbol S2.png S2 Through piston rod For working at both ends; same force in
the advance and return stroke; for mounting external stops
Symbol S6.png S6 Heat-resistant seals Temperature resistance up to max. 120 °C
Symbol S10.png S10 Constant (slow speed) at low
piston speeds
Suitable for slow stroke movements with a
constant, stick-slip free speed over the full stroke of the cylinder. Seal contains silicone grease (not free of paint-wetting impairment substances)
Symbol S11.png S11 Low friction Due to special seals, the
system friction is considerably reduced.
This corresponds to a considerably lower response pressure.
Seal contains silicone grease (not free of paint-wetting impairment substances)
Symbol S20.png S20 Through, hollow piston rod For example for conducting vacuum,
small parts, media etc.
Symbol K2.png K2 Extended male piston rod thread
Symbol K3.png K3 Female piston rod thread
Symbol K5.png K5  Special piston rod thread
Metric standard thread to ISO
Symbol K6.png K6 Shortened male piston rod thread
Symbol K7.png K7 Piston rod with external hexagon
Special spanner flats
Symbol K8.png K8  Extended piston rod
Symbol K10.png K10 Smooth anodised aluminium piston rod Particularly suitable for
use in welding environments:
-- protection against welding spatter
– small moving masses
– surface harder than steel
– long service life
Symbol KP.png KP With clamping unit Integrated clamping unit on the piston rod
Symbol EL.png EL With end-position locking Mechanically coupled end-position locking as
drop guard. If there is a decrease in pressure, the cylinder is secured in its end position against dropping
Symbol Q.png Q Square piston rod Protection against rotation. For correctly oriented feeding
Symbol R3.png R3 High corrosion protection All external cylinder surfaces comply with corrosion resistance class 3 to Festo standard 940 070. The piston rod is made of corrosion and acid-resistant steel.
Symbol R8.png R8 Dust protection through wiper seal The cylinder is equipped with a hard-chromium plated piston rod and rigid scraper ring which provides protection against dry, dusty media
TL Captive rating plate Lasered rating plate.Easy identification
of components when it comes to replacement, even after years in a harsh environment
Symbol TT.png TT Low temperature Temperature resistance up to max. -40 °C