Semi-rotary drives with rotary vane

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Semi-rotary drive with vane

Pneumatic semi-rotary drives with vanes are characterised by their compact design. The energy of the compressed air is directly converted into a rotary movement by the vane. Rotary vane drives therefore do not require an additional transmission ratio. That is why the compact and lightweight design is a great advantage. Rotary vane drives easily achieve a swivel angle of 270°.
Festo is one of the leading global manufacturers of rotary vane drives and offers a suitable solution for every application with its various series. In addition, Festo's total product range is extended specifically by numerous additional functions. These include a variant with a tandem vane with a maximum torque of 80 Nm, a continuous hollow flange shaft for cable or media through-feed, a heavy-duty bearing for high load torques as well as versions with ATEX approval for use in explosive atmospheres.