Hydraulic dampers

Industrial shock absorbers from Festo

Industrial shock absorbers are hydraulic cushioning components that brake moving masses gently and reliably. By gently stopping the drive before the end position, a strong impact or a spring-back is avoided and drives and machine parts are extremely well protected against wear or damage. Industrial shock absorbers reduce unwanted shock and vibration that always occur during movements and are caused by impact. They thus significantly contribute to an increase in production quality, process speed, production stability and an extension of the service life of production plants. Last but not least, shock absorbers in industrial plants reduce operating noise.

Hydraulic shock absorbers

Our range of hydraulic shock absorbers meets a wide variety of requirements. There are two different versions of these self-adjusting products with path-controlled throttle function. On the one hand, there are the variants with a rapidly increasing cushioning force curve and short cushioning stroke and, on the other hand, the variants with a gently increasing cushioning force curve and long cushioning stroke. There are also the adjustable versions, in which the cushioning force can be adjusted manually. Our hydraulic shock absorbers are in principle suitable for linear applications, e.g. the YSR-C. Our Festo Core Range also includes the industrial shock absorber DYSS, which can be easily screwed in and is particularly well suited to low-vibration operation. There are also shock absorbers for rotary applications, e.g. the DYSD.

Mechanical shock absorbers

The Festo industrial shock absorber DYEF is our mechanical variant with elastic rubber buffer. There are two versions: a version without a fixed stop, with a cushioning stroke that is not adjustable, and a version with an adjustable cushioning stroke and fixed stop. The mechanical shock absorber DYEF is ideal for cushioning movements with less energy and is part of the Festo Core Range.

Hydraulic cushioning cylinders

If slow, constant braking speeds have to be achieved over the entire stroke, our hydraulic cushioning cylinder DYHR is the right solution for your industrial application. The braking speed can be individually adjusted, while the built-in compression spring of the DYHR returns the piston rod to its original position. This hydraulic cushioning cylinder is particularly suitable for slow feed speeds in the range up to 0.1 m/s.

Industrial shock absorbers for every requirement

Very low braking force and extremely sort braking time: discover our large selection of industrial shock absorbers that impress with their long service life and optimal price/performance ratio. We can supply you with shock absorbers for every requirement in cushioning technology, ensuring your application or machine is protected.