Planetary gearboxes

Industrial gear units

Industrial gear units are gear units designed for continuous operation and are also perfect for use in extreme operating conditions and special applications. Gear units are the link between the motor and the application. Their task is to convert torque and rotational speed, adjust mass inertia and increase positioning accuracy. Industrial gear units are usually characterised by their performance, sturdy design and long service life.

Gear units from Festo

Our gear units are used in factory automation. To meet industrial requirements, they need to have a sturdy design, controlled energy consumption, long service life, precision, be easy to maintain, fail-safe and operationally reliable. Festo gear units are also perfect for use with the appropriate motors.

Gear unit EMGA

The EMGA is a range of gear units that perfectly matches Festo stepper and servo motors. You can choose between the straight-toothed planetary gear set or angular gear variants. The planetary gear set with gear ratios i = 3; 5; 8; 12; 20 can either be combined with our servo motors EMME-AS and EMMT-AS or with the stepper motors of the EMMS-ST series. As a right-angle gear unit, the EMGA – with the same gear ratio – is perfect in combination with the EMME-AS and EMMT-AS servo motors. Thanks to their lifetime lubrication, our gear units prevent downtime and production losses. With the IP54 degree of protection, they are protected against contamination from dust and against splash water on all sides.

Gear unit EMGA

What is an angular gear?

Angular gears are all gear units whose input and output shafts are at an angle to each other, resulting in a deflection of 90° degrees. They can also be designed to work at other angles in special cases. The axes have a common intersection point. It is also an alternative term for bevel gear units. The most important feature of a bevel gear unit is the angular transmission, which allows the user to change the rotation system of a machine. You can thus change from a transverse rotation system to a longitudinal one. Gear units with bevel gears are compact and sturdy and can transmit high power.

Gear unit EMGC

Our industrial gear units EMGC, either as a straight-toothed angular or planetary gear sets, are a perfect match for the integrated drive EMCA. The planetary gear set is available in one or two stages. Possible gear ratios: i = 3; 4; 5; 7; 12; 16; 20; 25; 35; 40. The gear ratio of the angular gear is i = 1. This range of gear units also offers impressive lifetime lubrication and protection class IP54 for safe and reliable operation.

Gear unit EMGC

What are planetary gear sets?

Planetary gear sets, also called epicyclic gears or epicyclic gear units, are industrial gear units, or more precisely friction gear units or toothed gears. They are so called because the rotating planet wheels (carrier pinions) orbit the central sun wheel (sun pinion) just as the planets in our solar system orbit the sun. Planetary gear sets are extremely efficient. They permit a very high transmission ratio. If your application requires high precision, we recommend that you choose planetary gear sets.