Pressure and vacuum sensors

Festo pressure sensors and vacuum sensors

Pressure sensors and vacuum sensors are used to measure the pressure applied to the pressure input of a sensor. This is done using a pressure measuring cell integrated in the sensor, which compares the excess pressure or low pressure with the prevailing ambient pressure and outputs deviations as an electrical signal. A pressure or vacuum sensor can also be used to detect whether an applied negative pressure is above or below a specific switching threshold. This information is output as a binary electrical signal, but can also be output as a proportional analogue signal or as a digital measured value via IO-Link®.

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Festo pressure sensors SDE5

You will find the pressure sensors SDE5 in our Core Range as a low-cost alternative for quick and simple pressure checks. They are suitable for pressure and vacuum detection as well as for object detection via dust pressure. Other features of the pressure sensors SDE5 are selectable output functions, programming through teach-in and switching status indication by LEDs visible from all sides. The fastest switching point settings can be made at the touch of a button. Festo pressure sensors SDE5 are available as plug or cable versions and are very quick to install thanks to QS fittings and a linkable wall bracket.

Festo pressure sensors SPAN

Also included in the Festo Core Range are the pressure sensors SPAN, which are suitable for monitoring compressed air and non-corrosive gases. The measurement method is based on a piezoresistive measuring cell for relative pressure measurement. The pressure value is transmitted to the connected controller either as a switching or analogue signal or via IO-Link®. Pressure sensors SPAN are used for pressure monitoring, network and leak testing as well as object detection. The versatile installation options (front panel, thread and wall mounting, series mounting with mounting bracket) and the quick connector enable the pressure sensors to be installed quickly. The clear display and intuitive menu navigation are just as characteristic as the compact design.

Suitable products for every measuring process

In addition to the pressure sensors and vacuum sensors from our Core Range, we also have a wide variety of other products, including PE converters, pressure switches as well as pressure transmitters. What all our products have in common is a compact design, attractive prices and versatile operation. They are suitable for the precise measurement of vacuum and pressure values and thus meet the requirements of various industrial applications. The flexibility and user-friendliness of Festo pressure sensors and vacuum sensors are particularly impressive.