Pressure control fittings

Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators are used to control and regulate the compressed air in pneumatic systems. They reliably protect against the maximum permissible pressure being exceeded or they limit the working pressure in a pneumatic system. Festo has three different pressure regulators for a wide range of requirements.

Mini pressure regulator LR-3,3

Our mini pressure regulator type LR-3,3 keeps the working pressure constant regardless of pressure fluctuations in the network and general air consumption, i.e. it reliably regulates the operating pressure completely independently of any fluctuations in the input pressure. The LR-3,3 is a directly operated diaphragm control valve with secondary exhausting, and can be mounted on a sub-base in any installation position. It can be used at a maximum output pressure of 8 bar in a temperature range from -10 to +60 °C and, at only 0.050 kg, is one of our most lightweight pressure regulators.

Pressure regulator VRPA

The pressure regulator VRPA is used to reduce pressure. Our strong, attractive and compact classic can be installed directly between two pieces of tubing, inline or on the valve terminal itself. The VRPA regulates the operating pressure independently of the fluctuating input pressure and has secondary exhausting and reverse flow behaviour. Thanks to the movement-specific pressure adjustment, the valve's energy efficiency is much higher than other pressure regulators – when full mains pressure is not required, the VRPA helps to save energy. It is directly actuated, optionally available with a pressure gauge and is connected either on both sides via a plug-in connection or a thread.

Differential pressure regulator LRL, LRLL

Thedifferential pressure regulators LRL and LRLLcontrol a manually set differential pressure between the primary pressure applied to the screw-in thread and the output pressure at the plug-in connection. A check valve integrated in the LRL and LRLL allows the pressure at the plug-in connection to escape without changing the pressure at the connecting thread. Both pressure regulators are very small and can also be rotated 360°, making them very versatile. The pressure regulation range of the LRL and LRLL is between 2 ... 6 bar. Please note that neither product has an exhaust function, i.e. a rising output pressure cannot be reduced. LRL and LRLL can be connected to your pneumatic application via the thread or a plug-in connection on the top or side.