Absolute automation overall

Absolute Automation 2.0

A journey to higher productivity through Process, Pneumatic and Electric Automation

As market leaders in automation technology, we automate your systems efficiently in accordance with your machine needs and promote a long service life. In automation, machine health is as important as the human body health which makes a suitable analogy. In the human body, the heart, lungs and brain work together to ensure that the body is functioning at its best. This is the same with our Process, Pneumatic and Electric Automation solutions. They cohesively work together to meet extensive requirements in the industry. Our three-part campaign will delve deeper into our business unit offerings. Continue reading to find out how our solutions can ensure your machine's health and success.

A deeper delve into Process Automation

Our Process Automation solutions are referred to as the heart of absolute automation as they work together to control the flow of media and keep machine production going seamlessly. With us as your partner, you have access to a large variety of innovative products and engineering tools. We work with you to develop automation solutions for the process industry: for harsh environments, extreme temperatures, stringent corrosion resistance requirements, or special safety requirements.

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A journey to increased performance with Pneumatic Automation solutions

Our Pneumatic Automation solutions, also referred to as the lungs of automation, offer several advantages, from saving costs, easy operation, and safety to compressed air. We have brought together some of the essential components that solve over 80% of your automation tasks for this campaign. Whether you are in the food and beverage, automotive or pharmaceutical industry, we have the ingredients for your machine success as well as optimized production.

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