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Process Automation for all your production levels

Imagine a future with maximum production efficiency, reduced downtimes and long service life. You do not have to imagine any more thanks to Festo! We are bringing the future into the present with our absolute and innovative Process Automation solutions.

Over the years, our Process Automation segment has evolved due to the growing customer and industry demands. With over 4500 cutting edge products designed to keep you going, this segment has easily become an ideal choice for production processes. The heart is at the centre of the vascular system, which is a network of blood vessels that delivers nutrient-rich blood to the brain, lungs and every part of the human body. The heart can be compared to a pump in a plant that comprises of Process Automation solutions.

A pump ensures that media is distributed to the plant at the right pressure and perfect flow, like in the human heart. This is made possible by a vast range of products that are intertwined to control the flow. The products include valves, linear actuators, quarter-turn actuators and regulators. In addition, we have experts that can help you select the perfect products for your machines. Choose Festo, the leaders of Industrial Automation and benefit from our worldwide network of know-how and solutions that are not limited to specific technology.

We will make sure your machines don’t miss a beat!

Breaker line

Products to keep your flow going

Pinch valve

Pinch valve VZQA

Normally closed or normally open? The choice is yours. With the pinch valve VZQA, you can control media flows such as granulate, fluids containing solids and highly viscous or abrasive media efficiently. The compact valve is quick to install, easy to clean and offers modular configuration.

Angle seat valve

Angle seat valve VZXA

Extremely high flow rates, an easy-to-clean design and a modular structure. You can combine valve bodies and actuators to suit your application and make it more flexible.

Linear actuator

Linear actuator DFPC

Preconfigured from stock or individually configured: The new double-acting Linear Actuator DFPC can be both. It has been specially designed for actuating process valves such as gate valves, knife gate valves and pinch valves.

Quarter turn actuator

Quarter turn actuator DFPD

The DFPD series features a rack and pinion combination with a constant torque characteristic across the entire swivel range. The quarter turn actuators DFPD are perfect for automating your butterfly valves, ball valves and dampers.

Filter regulator

Filter regulator PCRP

In corrosive atmospheres or extreme temperatures from –60 °C to +80 °C, the extremely robust filter regulator PCRP performs well - offering high flow rates and reliable pressure control. The housing and interior are entirely made of premium stainless steel to ensure high corrosion resistance.

Valve terminal VTUG with multi-pin or fieldbus interface

Valve terminal VTUG with multi-pin or fieldbus interface

Compact, universal, with high flow rates. Optimised valve terminal variants for installation in control cabinets, with manifold rail for increased corrosion protection. Also with hot swap function for replacing valves without interrupting the ongoing process.

Valve terminal

Valve terminal MPA-L

Maximum function integration, serial communication for electrics and pneumatics as well as a comprehensive diagnostics concept - these are just some of the unique features that the Festo MPA offers. It is extremely compact and has more valve functions than any other valve terminal.

Valve terminal VTSA with CPX terminal

Valve terminal VTSA with CPX terminal

The decentralised CPX/VTSA is the perfect solution for automating your clamping and stopper functions. It combines valves, I/O modules and safety functions with a comprehensive range of fieldbus and IO-Link® options.

Limit switch box

Limit switch box SRBI

Compact solution for electrical feedback signals and monitoring the position of process valves that are actuated with pneumatic quarter-turn actuators. It can be mounted directly without other accessories on quarter-turn actuators with a port pattern to VDI/VDE 3845.