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We are excited to introduce you to our cutting-edge products in the pneumatic automation sector, designed to elevate your endeavours and take you to new heights.

At Festo, we take pride in being a trailblazer in the field, offering not just products but comprehensive solutions to meet your automation needs. Our commitment to excellence and a rich history of pioneering advancements in the industry makes us your ideal partner for achieving efficiency, precision, and success in every facet of your professional journey. Explore our range of pneumatic automation solutions and let Festo be your guide in the pursuit of excellence.

Continue reading to explore our focus products and dive into the world of innovative solutions designed to enhance your automation processes.

Compact Cylinder ADN

The Festo Compact Cylinder ADN presents an innovative and space-saving solution for a wide range of pneumatic applications. Its remarkable design allows it to occupy up to 50% less installation space compared to similar cylinders while adhering to ISO 15552 standards, making it particularly well-suited for applications where efficient space utilisation is paramount. Notably, the cylinder offers a piston rod that comes with both female and male threads, enhancing its adaptability for diverse applications. With a diverse selection of configurations to choose from, the ADN is an excellent choice for tailored setups, providing customised solutions to meet specific requirements.

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Compact Cylinder ADN-S

The ADN-S showcases its applicability across a range of testing situations, simulation setups, or testing protocols, including activities like pressing buttons on devices and performing switch-on and switch-off operations, typically associated with low loads. Its exceptional performance, combined with its compact and lightweight construction, ensures reliability and durability throughout operation. Furthermore, the reduced use of materials and lower weight support sustainability in the manufacturing process. Its advantages become particularly evident when deployed in a clean environment with high equipment density, as it remains easy to handle and operate. Furthermore, it offers a compact and budget-friendly alternative to the ADN, ultimately saving you valuable time and resources.

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Modular Cylinder Sensor System SMT-8M-A

The modular cylinder sensor system SMT-8M-A consistently delivers reliable performance when paired with Festo drives. It has been meticulously synchronised, making installation a straightforward and secure process. The system includes energy chain and robot features as standard, ensuring optimal production line quality. This, in turn, leads to significantly increased system uptime and enhanced flexibility. There's no need for time-consuming reordering of custom components or costly stock management. Additionally, with IP65, IP68, and IP69k ratings, these components can be employed in demanding and rugged environments.

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Proximity switch SDBT-MSX

The SDBT-MSX represents an electronic proximity switch designed for the non-contact detection of piston positions in magnetic proximity-based drive systems. It offers a hassle-free and straightforward installation process, eliminating the need to search for specific switching points. This switch can be mounted without requiring additional accessories like a separate power supply. Moreover, it excels in its ability to accurately teach and adapt the switching position under operational loads, ensuring dependable performance. Furthermore, its flexible programming capability allows for versatile use in various applications, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of industries. This sensor offers all the features of the Sensor System SMT-8M-A.

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MS Series

With its large product range, highly effective components and wide choice of functions, the Festo MS series offers a complete concept for compressed air preparation. It is suitable for simple standard applications as well as for application-specific solutions with very high-quality requirements. Available as individual components, pre-assembled combinations ex-stock, application-specific combinations or complete turnkey solutions. The five sizes in the MS series achieve maximum flow rates with minimum space requirements.

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MS-B Series

The MS-Basic air preparation components are equipped with the essential capabilities required for effective compressed air preparation. These components include pressure regulators, filter regulators, electric on/off and soft start valves, as well as manual on/off valves combined with filter/regulator units. Moreover, MS-Basic components seamlessly integrate with Festo's premium MS service unit line, making it possible for machine builders and end-users to combine cost-effective MS-Basic pressure regulation, filter regulation, on/off, and soft start valves with high-end safety valves, lubricators, distributors, filters, and dryers, allowing them to create a tailored solution that combines basic functionalities with advanced features.

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One-way flow control valves GRLA/Z-D

The One-way flow control valve GRLA is a highly effective tool for regulating flow rates during both the forward and backward movements of cylinders. Its precision and reliability have been demonstrated in numerous applications, making it a popular choice for those seeking to achieve precise control of piston speed. With a maximum flow rate range of 100 to 1,580 litres per minute, the valve is ideal for fine-tuning piston speeds, whether they be slow or fast.

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One-way flow control valve VFOE

The VFOE one-way flow control valve, featuring manual adjustment and a convenient push-to-lock mechanism, is an ideal choice for standard use cases. Its cost-effective pricing makes it particularly suitable for tight space installations, such as those in the electronics industry. When paired with the PUN-H tubing, the VFOE valve forms a seamless and highly functional combination, fulfilling almost all your needs. When integrated with a pneumatic drive, you'll have all the necessary components to tailor the cylinder's speed to meet your specific requirements. The valve is a perfect alternative for the One-way flow control valve GRLA/Z-D due to its unique features and price.

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Translucent tubing PUN-H

The PUN-H tubing, which is transparent and resistant to hydrolysis, can be effortlessly installed using QS push-in fittings. It is suitable for environments with elevated moisture levels and can be utilised in high-humidity settings without the worry of hydrolysis-induced cracking. This kink-resistant translucent tubing, PUN-H, is simple to incorporate into your system. Furthermore, the tubing material is both food-safe and capable of withstanding various weather conditions.

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Adaptable valve terminal VTUX

The VTUX sets new standards interms of materials, modularity and communication. The successor to the established CPV, MPA-L, MPA-S and VTUG ranges impresses with its high flowrate. With the communication system AP-I and AP-A, it is the perfect platform for digitised production!

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