The Blue World approach from Festo

Enabling sustainable solutions to tackle the greatest challenges facing humanity

Dealing with our blue planet presents humanity with unprecedented challenges. Securely sustaining the world's population and managing demographic change seem to be in irreconcilable conflict with the protection of our natural resources. At Festo, we resolve this conflict with our expertise in automation technology and technical education and integrate them in the "Blue World".

Using current and future technologies in pneumatics, electric automation, process automation, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and biological transformation, we are able to transform industrial production into a more efficient and climate-friendly way of manufacturing.

With our people-centred approaches, we make daily work easier for staff, we support healthcare workers with our LifeTech technologies and we empower people to learn and use new technologies efficiently with our learning systems.

With our resource-centred approaches, we use automation technology to support structural change in specific sectors, such as the automotive industry, and show how automation technology can better protect our most important resources, such as water, earth and air. This also includes shortening transport routes and value chains through de-globalisation and minimising emissions.

Why is Festo the right partner?

Thanks to our cross-technology portfolio of pneumatic, electric and process automation, we supply complex system solutions from a single source. Machine operation should become easier and thus more and more intuitive. In addition, Didactic offers customers and partners a wide range of tailor-made learning opportunities so that people can be actively involved in the structural change and help to drive it forward.

Today's challenges require partnerships that are broad-based and open to innovation. It is essential that the next industrial transformation towards a climate-neutral circular economy is carried out collectively and along the entire value chain.

Our courage, pioneering spirit, entrepreneurship, extensive knowledge and experience in many industries enable us to drive forward completely new solutions and automation concepts: how can CoBots support us in our everyday work? How can laboratory processes in the healthcare sector become even better and faster? How can fish farming be made more sustainable and efficient? How can we harvest vertically farmed crops? How can we recover tomorrow's raw materials from today's products? We want to find answers to many more of these questions together with our customers and partners. For our Blue World.

The Blue World approach from Festo

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January 2023