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Festo hosts Automation Expo

Festo hosted the first leg of the Automation Expo in Johannesburg at the Sandton Convention Centre, while the second took place in Port Elizabeth at the Boardwalk Convention Centre. Both ended on a high and promising note. The expos attracted numerous industry leaders, engineering professionals, senior executives and technology enthusiasts. On show were the latest smart solutions from Festo, aimed at increasing productivity, maximising competitiveness and simplifying life in the workplace.

Industry 4.0 is one of the most discussed topics as new technologies increase efficiency and escalate production in the industry. However, there are worries that these new technologies might increase the already high unemployment rate. As a result, Festo offered a course on ‘Introduction to Industry 4.0: Core elements and business opportunities’ to outline and educate industry professionals on how Industry 4.0 can enhance productivity in the workplace and improve efficiency.

Furthermore, four Festo industry specialists: Adrian Bromfield (head of national sales), Nico Landman (head of Didactic), Skye Prato (head of business development) and Russell Schwulst (head of process automation) engaged in a panel discussion and tackled some of the frequently asked Industry 4.0 questions.

As an industry leader, Festo constantly pursues advanced ways to ensure that its customers remain at the top. This is why it took the initiative to help customers move with the times by showing them how to go digital with the latest solutions. The company showcased solutions in its various business units namely pneumatic automation, electric automation, process automation and Didactic. An example of the showcased solutions was the Festo Motion Terminal (VTEM), which catapults pneumatics into Industry 4.0 with a product and apps that can replace over 50 individual components. VTEM is set to revolutionise automation technology and will arrive in South Africa later this year.

The Festo CP factory is another smart solution that was showcased. This holistic learning factory solution can be used to qualify personnel in the operation of a production process or in a specific field of work, such as production technology. VTEM and the CP Factory were among the many cutting-edge solutions on show, but what better way to end than with a German-themed cocktail function. Festo treated attendees in both cities to a glass of cold beer, a great way to get them networking with the industry specialists.