Festo VUVS-LT Poppet Valve

Frequently used in different locations and exposed places, the VUVS-LT Poppet Valve can take a lot – all without losing its good looks.

Simple on the outside, sturdy on the inside, it is the ideal combination to meet a multitude of requirements, even for challenging environmental conditions. The plug type poppet seal variant is particularly suitable for these types of applications.


The valve stands out thanks to its robust, sturdy poppet design, constant switching time and great sealing. It combines features required for operation in harsh environments such as impact resistance, mounting options and ease of handling. An extensive range of mounting accessories provides various options for integrating the poppet valves into any machine concept.

This cost-effective design pulls out all the stops by allowing a 2x 3/2-way valve setup in one body. This allows for space and cost saving on an individually wired valve. Also, inside the 5/2 way bi-stable valve there is a locking circlip that holds the poppet in position, even after a power failure or loss of air pressure. This increases process safety as it ensures the valve maintains its position during unexpected failures. Other features include:

• Available on a manifold and with fittings assembled.

• Best tightness (very low leakage).

• Constant switching time.

• Quick switching time due to poppet design.

• Fulfils safety requirements.

• Fits to standard spool type accessories.