Why training is important

Added value through skills development

Lifelong learning – why training is important

Modern technologies and machines are the key to your success, especially when your employees have mastered them! Modern technology alone doesn't keep your production running; employees are the decisive factor, even in highly automated environments. The rapid introduction of new technologies results in a need for constant training and continuous skills development. Thanks to our expertise in both industry and education, we have a good understanding of the challenges you face. That is why we are a valuable partner for training projects in industry.

For your company, productivity means always being up to date with technology. Another important factor is the continuous optimisation of your processes. And of course the right employees must also be available for the right tasks.

In times of digitalisation and rapidly changing working environments, your employees have to keep up with constant technological changes. This requires lifelong learning and continuous skills development.

Find out how we can help you to increase your productivity and competitiveness thanks to qualified and motivated personnel.

Five good reasons for training your employees

Finding/retaining the right people

Well-trained, qualified employees are a scarce resource almost everywhere in the world. When there is a shortage of qualified workers, this can have an effect not just on productivity and competitiveness, but also slow down the entire operating procedure.

By training your employees, you can avoid these problems.

Lifelong learning

Continuous technological advances mean that jobs are becoming more and more complex. Most employees are required to do more than they originally learned during their education. That is why they must continuously develop their skills and acquire specific knowledge that fits in with their current job description.

Well-trained employees are happier and more productive!

Performance = recognition + motivation

The opportunity for professional training is a sign that you recognise and appreciate your employees. Qualified employees feel valued and are therefore more loyal to their employers. They make fewer errors and increase their performance.

Megatrends and new technologies

Megatrends such as the digital transformation bring people and technology even closer. People need to play a key role as problem-solvers, decision-makers and innovators in order to be prepared for these challenges.

Training pays off

Investments in machines are never questioned, but the same cannot be said about training courses. Nevertheless, both are justified. There are tools and KPIs that can measure individual learning success and prove that the investment in training is worthwhile.

Why we are your perfect partner

Training by industry, for industry

Industrial DNA

Industrial DNA

We are not only a leading supplier of automation technology, but also a global market leader in technical training. This unique combination of expertise in industry and education guarantees tailor-made and practical training focused on the core skills of automation technology. We are proud to be a training provider with this unique "industrial DNA".

Your goals are our goals: maximising your productivity and competitiveness!

Driving force in technical training

When we introduced pneumatics as a new technology in the late 1950s, it was unknown to many in Germany. But it quickly became clear that it could revolutionise automated production. Shortly afterwards, we were asked to give a presentation on the topic "Introduction to pneumatics" to the Association of German Engineers (VDI). This event was followed by three hours of questions, which made us realise that the best technology would not be successful if people didn't master it! The demand for courses was growing, and in 1970 our first training department was established. This area has continued to develop and will keep on doing so in the future. We are proud to be able to offer you comprehensive training solutions for production and automation-related topics. Of course, we still provide basic courses on pneumatics, but we also prepare you for the challenges of digital transformation.


With our training and certificate programmes, you benefit from the experience we gained in industrial practice. This practical experience gives us a deeper understanding of your challenges compared to other training providers. Our trainers also have both industry experience and educational expertise.


Our training concept is skills-based and therefore geared towards the needs of industry and job roles. This means that the training results are clearly visible to all stakeholders, as an inventory of skills "before and after" makes the return on training investment more transparent. Our courses are all about practical training with industrial components, facilitating the transfer of new skills to everyday working life.


Regardless of where you need to implement our training courses, just contact us and we will find the best solution. Our training courses are adapted to local language and cultural requirements and thus enable cross-company training projects to be implemented at all your locations.