Hydraulics Training

HY132– Hydraulics Level 4 - Proportional

This course will help you become familiar with the function, actuation of proportional (or dynamic) valves and the design of basic circuits in relevant industrial applications. The extensive practical part provides you with an opportunityto design circuits, adjust parameters, and gain experience in commissioning and troubleshooting in proportional hydraulic control systems.

Target group: the course is for anyone exposed to proportional hydraulics in their practical work. The high level of practical relevance makes the course particularly suitable as a supplementary course for instructors.

The content includes:

• Basic principles of proportional hydraulics.

• Design, function and characteristics data for proportional, directional control, pressure and flow control valves.

• Generation of target values, both analogue and digital.

• Adaptation of amplifier electronics to required conditions.

• Development and interpretation of proportional hydraulic circuit diagrams.

• Intensive practical training involving designs based on circuit diagrams and adjusting parameters for optimum commissioning.

• Instructions for maintenance, troubleshooting and commissioning.

• Introduction to servo valve technology and control.

• Proportional valves in open control loop systems and control valves in closed control loops.

• Current standards and safety regulations for practical operation and exercises.

After completing this course, the participant will be able to:

• Understand the principles of proportional hydraulics.

• Explain the structure and mode of operation of proportional, pressure and flow-control valves.

• Interpret the characteristic data of proportional valves.

• Adapt amplifier electronics to the required conditions.

• Develop and read equivalent hydraulic circuit diagrams.

• Explain the principles of servo valve technology and controls.

• Explain the difference between open and closed loop control.

• Name current standards and safety regulations for industrial practice.


The “Hydraulics level 1 Basic” (HY511) and “Hydraulics level 2 Advanced” (HY521) course.


3 days

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