Hydraulics Training

HY152- Mobile Hydraulics course

The know-how needed to design, maintain and operate a mobile hydraulic system is becoming more important every day. Due to the complexity of the systems compared to industrial hydraulics, the skills needed to maintain and design mobile hydraulic machinery require strong mobile hydraulics fundamentals.

In this course, you will learn important details related to mobile systems, and due to many interesting mobile solutions and circuits, this course also enlarges your perspective of industrial hydraulics.

Target group: Maintenance staff, engineers, trainers and anyone exposed to mobile hydraulics in their work environment.

The content includes:

• Hydrostatic transmission and related components.

• Steering unit.

• Working hydraulics.

• Load holding.

• Load sensing in constant and variable displacement pumps.

• Pressure and flow control.

• Fundamentals of proportional control.

• Commissioning and maintaining mobile hydraulic systems.

After completing this course, the participant will be able to:

• Identify the components and explain their functions in a given mobile hydraulic circuit.

• Build and test hydrostatic transmission, workinghydraulics and steering circuits.

• Explain load-sensing functions and other efficiency components.

• Be able to make adjustments for the required control parameters of mobile hydraulics.

• Measure the required parameters in a mobile hydraulic circuit.

• Systematically troubleshoot and explain maintenance procedures.

• Explain the safety measures in mobile hydraulic equipment.


The “Hydraulics level 1 Basic” (HY511) course.


4 days

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