Hydraulics Training

HY551- Safety in Hydraulics

Hydraulic systems in the agriculture, mining and industry are used to complete movements such as lifting, steering or changing the position of actuators. Hydraulic fluid moves through very small openings in a hydraulic system under very high pressures. Therefore, hydraulic systems and hydraulic fluid can be hazardous to workers in several common scenarios.

Proper maintenance is critical for all types of machinery and equipment, but it is imperative that the correct safety measures are followed when operating or maintaining hydraulic systems.

Target Group: Everyone who deals with hydraulic systems in their working environment.

The content includes:

• Hydraulic safety – hazards and what you should know.

• How to prevent hydraulic hose problems.

• Safety guidelines for high-pressure hydraulics.

• Hydraulic fluid safety.

• Hydraulic troubleshooting safety.

• Accumulator safety and advice for maintaining hydraulic accumulators.


After completing this course, the participant will be able to:

• Understand and know all the hazards and main causes of accidents associated with hydraulic systems and how to prevent them.

• Understand and know the importance of a good preventative maintenance program to ensure safe working conditions.

• Understand and know the safety and maintenance tips to ensure hydraulic hose durability.

• Understand and know the safety guidelines for high pressure hydraulics.

• Understand the hazards and dangers associated with hydraulic fluid and how to avoid them.

• Understand and know the importance of hydraulic component function to identify problems and how to replace a hydraulic component safely.

• Understand and know the dangers and hazards associated when working with and maintaining hydraulic gas accumulators.

Requirements (Suggested):

The “Hydraulics level 1 Basic” (HY511) or equivalent course/experience.


1 Day