Lean Production Training

LP121 - Introduction to Lean Production and Value Stream Mapping - A Business Simulation Game

Taking the form of a strategy game, this training gives you a holistic view of material and information flows within a company and sensitises you to different types of waste in processes.

During this course, you will learn to analyse the causes of delivery problems, low productivity, to develop and implement ideas for meeting customer needs as well as improving processes.

The main goal is to instil lean thinking in your company. The strategy game provides practical experience for all employees involved in lean production projects.

Target group:

Maintenance staff, designers, engineers and trainers.
This course is ideal for participants from the same company. The course can be presented in-house or at our premises. A minimum of 12 participants are required to simulate an entire business.

The content includes:

  • Inventory minimisation as an essential basis for increased productivity.
  • The principle of pull production control.
  • Advantages compared to conventional production control methods.
  • Types and function of different pull production control methods.
  • Application of methods.
  • Kanban - the classic pull principle.
  • SMED - Optimisation of setup processes with Single Minute Exchange of Die.
  • CIP processes as part of the business game.
  • Introduction to Value Stream Mapping (VSM).

After completing this training course, the participant will be able to:

  • Analyse the causes of delivery problems and low productivity.
  • Develop and implement ideas for meeting customer requirements and process improvements.

Requirements: Some experience in production control.

Duration: 2 days

Part No. 561209

Accreditation: NQF - Level 5