PLC Technology Training

PLC282 – Programmable Logic Controllers - CoDeSys Analogue and PID Control

This course will enable service and commissioning personnel to work with analogue signals and effectively optimise a plant loop.

In this course you will master the principles of automatic process control using the CoDeSys Festo PLC,CECC–LK, and the operation of the feedback loop to include proportional, integral as well as derivative control modes.

Advanced concepts of cascade and ratio feed-forward control will also be covered. You will also learn and practice controller tuning methods and get an overview of drawings used in industry.

Target group: Maintenance staff, engineers, trainers and instrumentation staff.

The content includes:

• Fundamentals of analogue value processing.

• Fundamental concepts of closed-loop control.

• Optimising criteria.

• Controller selection.

• PID algorithm for digital control.

• Multi-loop control.

• Hands-on exercises.

• Flow, level, temperature and pressure loops.

After completing this course, the participant will be able to:

• Perform analogue PLC programming.

• Commission a basic open-loop and closed-loop system.

• Read and design technical drawings for process technology.

• Operate, identify and analyse a control system.

• Identify the fundamentals of closed-loop control technology.

• Operate a control system with a PID controller.

• Choose the correct loop tuning method.


The “CoDeSys V3.5” (PLC281) course.


4 days

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