Robotics Training

ROB111 – Robotics

For many years robotics have been evolving fast, providing speed, precision and quality in production processes.

This course provides you with an insight into robotic hardware technology, basic programming and its function as well as operation.

Target group: Maintenance staff, designers, engineers and trainers.

The content includes:

• Robot arm design.

• Robot controller.

• Joint movements.

• Coordinate systems.

• Speed commands.

• Movement commands.

• Creating position lists.

• Formulate, download and testing of related sequence programs.

• Multi-tasking.

• Uploading data from the robot controller.

• Safety regarding robots.

After completing this course, the participant will be able to:

• Describe the mechanics behind robotics systems.

• Describe the working principles behind the control of movement and speed.

• Explain what a coordinate system is.

• Read and write a basic robotics sequence program.

• Identify and eliminate faults using the status display.


The “Pneumatics level 1” (PN111) course and experience in operating a PC with a windows interface.


3 days

Part No.