Pneumatics Training

VT101- Industrial Valve Terminals 1

Valve terminals are banks of pneumatic valves placed conveniently in one place. They can dramatically reduce piping and wiring on machines. These valves help to keep the pneumatics of complex systems simple, compact and accessible.

Valve terminals can be controlled by means of PLCs or through higher level communication protocols. Considering the high density of technology packed into these devices, they can appear complex.

This course serves to simplify their function, control and give candidates the insight required to confidently understand, service, repair, modify, configure and troubleshoot valve terminals.

Target Group: Anyone exposed to pneumatic valve terminals at their workplace.

The content includes:

• Valve terminal anatomy.

• Types of valves in valve terminals.

• Special functions of air channels.

• Control methodology

- Discrete I/O.

- Fieldbus protocols.

• Troubleshooting of valve terminals.

• Tools for analyses of devices.

• The future of Valve Terminals.


After completing this course, the participant will be able to:

• Familiarise with different Fieldbus connections and configurations to PLCs.

• Dismantle and repair a valve terminal.

• Troubleshoot a valve terminal.

• Use online diagnostic tools to troubleshoot and configure valve terminals (using the Festo Maintenance Tool).


The “Pneumatics level 1” (PN111) course.


2 days

Part No.