Industrial energy efficiency in automation: showroom

Industrial energy efficiency in automation

Your designs already have to meet enough requirements when it comes to functionality, costs, safety and all the directives. Energy efficiency is not just an additional task. It‘s a way of making machines and systems better, more productive and even safer.

There’s a basic rule that states: ‘no larger than necessary’. There are also a number of tried-and-tested points on the checklist: short distances, preventing leakages, etc. And there are innovative components from Festo that save energy by shutting down automatically, reducing power when less is required or simply by having to move less dead weight. It’s important that you know where the energy-saving potential is and which option has which effect. That’s what this is all about.

Festo offers a wide range of proven products and solutions to use energy more efficiently, from the front end to the valve and valve terminal level and to highly efficient compressed air preparation.

11 measures for energy-efficient design

Correct sizing

Festo Engineering Tools offer practical calculators, simulations and configuration tools for pneumatic, mechanical and electrical systems to help you optimise sizing.

Shorten tube lengths

Shorter tubing and our decentralised valve terminals avoid unproductive air.

Efficient control and regulation

The Festo Configuration Tool FCT guarantees good control behaviour with few oscillations and controller interventions.

Recover energy

Use the servo motor controller CMMP for energy recovery.

Switch off power

Switch off power automatically during downtimes with our energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M or our on/off valves.

Reduce the pressure level

You can halve the pressure level during the non-productive return stroke with our pressure regulators, the inline pressure regulator VRPA or the pressure regulating plates on the valve terminals.

Reduce friction

The pneumatic mini slides DGSL or DGST reduce friction to a minimum.

Reduce weight

Weight has to be moved. Our linear gantry EXCT , the cylinder DSNU or the toothed belt axis ELGA .

Use air-saving circuits

Only generate a vacuum when required: the vacuum generator OVEM and vacuum generator VADMI switch off automatically.

Reduce pressure losses

Reduce costly pressure losses with the MS series service unit components.

Choose the right components

The servo motors EMME-AS , EMMS-AS and the stepper motor EMMS-ST have a holding brake for long downtimes.

Air-flow analyser SFGA
The portable measuring box SFGA from Festo measures the pressure and flow rate at the machine level. This provides you with accurate, well-documented consumption data for assessing energy efficiency.

Find out more in the product information (PDF)

Manual on energy efficiency@Festo

At Festo, you can rely on technical experts and efficient technologies to ensure that your machines and systems consume fewer resources and less energy. This not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also your operating costs. And it leads to increases too, for example in the sustainability of your production processes and your company’s productivity. Our knowledge, our experience and our products can all be found in this manual.

Download now: Energy efficiency@Festo (PDF)