Digital education

Digital learning

State-of-the-art education – for the working world of today and tomorrow

Is digitalisation a topic of the future? It increasingly shapes our everyday working life. More complex and more dynamic, increasingly networked industrial environments presents us with challenges. To address these challenges and ensure success in the workplace, digitalisation is making its way into education too.

The digitalisation of learning and the use of digital media not only make teaching and learning more attractive and exciting, but also more flexible and efficient. This leaves more time for practical exercises. Content that is relevant for digitalisation is used alongside digital tools, instruments and media, in today's as well as tomorrow's everyday working environment.

As the global market leader in technical basic and further training, we are driving the digitalisation of teaching and learning.

We offer solutions for:

  • Digital learning concepts
  • Interactive and multimedia digital training content
  • Learning platforms and portals

The challenge of digitalisation


Technology trends with ever shorter cycles, such as digitalisation, are leading to more complex and more dynamic, increasingly networked industrial environments. Skilled employees face growing challenges in their everyday working lives, and managing these requires an ever higher level of competencies, media literacy and autonomy. Qualified and specially trained employees are becoming a scarce resource for companies and economies, yet at the same time they are the key to success.

Innovative, new learning concepts help:

  • Attract qualified apprentices for technical training
  • Retain skilled employees through continuous professional development
  • Position a company as an innovative and attractive employer or vocational training institute

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