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Electrical engineering and electronics

Tools for developing skills for electronic processes

Electrical engineering and electronics are essential technologies that are used across a wide range of industries and applications. As many students and employees need to have some level of understanding and knowledge of the fundamentals of electrics, electronic circuits and the related components, this creates a need for different learning requirements.

Teaching abstract knowledge through practical learning

Our learning solutions for electrical engineering and electronics cover a broad range of learning needs and can be used in special electronics training as well as in other areas such as automation, avionics or telecommunications.

The comprehensive learning material and the detailed practical exercises form very succesful methods for teaching abstract, theoretical concepts.

Choose from our complete packages

Many parts of the equipment deal with specific topics. Thanks to the modular design, almost all of them can be combined with other learning solutions for electrical engineering as well as with standard laboratory equipment and furniture. Most solutions can also be expanded with: web-based training (WBT) courses as well as Tec2Screen ® courses so that students benefit from our innovative approach to networked learning.

A unique, complete training program for electronics that you can rely on

Students in specialised electronics training programs have to become familiar with circuit boards and electronic components and experiment. FACET ® combines hardware, courseware and software to offer a unique, complete learning solution for electronics.

The work station consists of a basic unit and your selection of circuit boards and so covers a wide range of topics. Each board comes with a comprehensive interactive instruction manual for both theory and practice. The integrated options for modifying and triggering errors demonstrate how errors are corrected in practice.

FACET ® is suitable for a wide range of training objectives in education, industry, research and development and learning laboratories. In combination with eSeries multimedia coursesFACET ® forms a fully integrated learning system that improves learning speed and success.

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Teach the basic concepts of AC and DC circuits, electrical components, electromagnetism, measuring instruments and other topics.

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Digital electronics

Cover the topics of digital circuits and the fundamentals of logic, microprocessors and micro controllers.

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Communication electronics

Teach topics related to analogue and digital communication, fibre optics, transmission lines and QPSK/OQPSK/DPSK technologies.

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Industrial electronics/electrical engineering

Provide practical lessons on (electro) magnetism, converters, thyristors, transistors, motors, generators and closed-loop controllers.

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