Training solutions for the HVAC refrigeration technology category

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Wanted: tech-savvy young people with manual skills

Because of frequently changing legal regulations and the ongoing development of new technologies, heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology is a highly dynamic industry with excellent career prospects. Technological advances are creating new qualification requirements and training programmes. At Festo Didactic, you can count on us to always supply you with the best solutions.

Practical training for sound expertise

Our range of training solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology includes different learning systems and models. They can be used to meet the needs of trainers and students across all the key subjects.

Our solutions enable students develop a comprehensive understanding of different systems, applications and devices. In addition, students improve their practical skills and learn how to design, install and repair heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial buildings.

Effective, realistic training content

The teachware supplied with each learning system contains a clear and concise theoretical part and structured practical exercises.

The focus is on complex topics such as troubleshooting, energy efficiency, performance and controllers. This optimally prepares students for their future professional responsibilities. Our training concept enables trainers to combine theory and practice to great effect. This maximises learning success and means that the training content can be adapted to specific requirements.

Our training solutions:

Fundamentals of HVAC technology

Basic concepts, safety, component features and functions, basic physical principles, cooling circuits and tools.

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Heating and cooling

Important aspects of heating and cooling, such as safety, tools and equipment, coolants, system properties, efficiency testing, electricity and controllers.

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Medium- and low-temperature cooling

Comprehensive, hands-on training covering important aspects of cooling using realistic models, applications and complete systems.

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HVAC system installation

Students practise simple tasks, such as wiring, piping, emptying, filling, testing and troubleshooting as examples of HVAC applications.

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