Learning media

Developing skills is at its most effective when alternating between theory and practice, complemented by actual case studies. Practical exercise on learning system enable students to grasp what they have learned in theory; similarly, these exercise will spur them on to learn new theoretical content. The teachware, software and hardware are all designed in such a way that students can record, apply, repeat and reflect on knowledge at their own pace.


Keeping a close eye on theory and practice


Our training packages include a combination of workbooks and equipment sets. These packages effectively convey practical and theoretical knowledge, from the fundamentals of technology to complex relationships in a wide range of technology areas.

All practical exercises are supplemented by general technical knowledge and are completed using easy-to-understand sample solutions and explanations.

Technical literature and textbooks

The technical literature and textbooks provide general technical knowledge as a foundation for understanding technologies and processes. They are essential for trainers and teachers to prepare for the courses.

Dictionaries and manuals

Symbols, rules, standards, formulas, etc. You don’t have to remember everything, but you do need to know where to find it!



Make learning more fun!

Varied learning methods not only make training fun, they also ensure lasting learning success. Discover Connected Learning and our e-learning solutions!

Multimedia training programs

Our eLearning courses are part of our comprehensive eLearning solutions. They teach theory using multimedia animations, videos, graphics and exercises. A hands-on approach ensures that basic and advanced training is both dynamic and motivating .

Our eLearning courses

Connected Learning with Tec2Screen ®

Connected Learning opens up a new dimension in learning by seamlessly connecting the virtual and the real worlds. The direct interaction between software and hardware connects theory and practice. Connected Learning is implemented using the mobile, multimedia and interactive learning companion Tec2Screen ® .

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