Condition Monitoring Library for Compact Handling System YXMx
Condition Monitoring Library for Compact Handling System YXMx
Compact Handling System

Condition Monitoring Library for Compact Handling System YXMx

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One piece of software for maintenance requirements, energy consumption and monitoring of the production process!

The additional condition monitoring software package monitors the operating parameters and current values of the compact handling system YXMx.


Nowadays, all equipment and machinery is expected to provide maximum availability and reliability.

The condition monitoring software can help you plan your maintenance work professionally while at the same time cutting the associated costs. In addition, it allows you to analyse the production process and offers comprehensive energy monitoring.

The software is based on VDMA standard 24582, i.e. the status information is output in a hierarchy in accordance with this standard. This enables systems and components from various manufacturers to be easily integrated into one solution. Visualisation of the status information takes place in a web browser, whose intuitive user interface can also be used to make all the necessary customised settings. Open interfaces like OPC UA let you back up the data in your customer system using a cloud connection, for example.

Technical Details

Condition monitoring

The status information shows a complete overview of all the individual components of the compact handling system YXMx.

  • Hierarchical structure in accordance with VDMA standard 24582
  • Further details are just a click away

Maintenance information

provides information about wear.

  • Electric axes
    • Running performance of the X/Y gantry and the Z-axis via kilometre counter
    • Evaluation of motor current and motor temperature
  • Pneumatic peripherals
    • Operating pressure level
    • Vacuum pressure level

Energy monitoring

provides transparency about energy consumption.

  • Air consumption per cycle
  • Power consumption of the motors per cycle
  • Energy consumption of the entire system per day

Process monitoring

leads to better quality.

  • Vacuum monitoring for gripping or screwing function
  • Monitoring of process cycle times
  • Counter for valid/aborted cycles
  • Calculation of overall equipment effectiveness
Technical Requirements
  • Hardware: Compact handling system YXMx (kinematic system based on EXCM-30)
  • Software: Festo Positioning Basic Library V3.5.7.26 (already installed on the controller of the compact handling system YXMx)