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The PA Toolkit makes the implementation of automation logic of process engineering units and modules intuitive!

You can use the library for CODESYS to program applications without in-depth programming knowledge. Ideal for the automation of modular plants according to the MTP standard.


The PA Toolkit offers a comprehensive set of predefined function blocks and associated visualization elements. This enables the simple and intuitive development of control logics and user interfaces. Suppliers of process engineering units can thus implement automation solutions without in-depth programming knowledge.

The PA-Toolkit provides a wide range of function blocks, symbols and faceplates for CODESYS. With the help of the function blocks, you have access to versatile and reliable blocks to implement your automation processes. The visualization elements allow you to use their full range of functions simply by linking them to the relevant function block.

Modularization is spreading across all industries and enables automated modules to be combined for fast and flexible production. The simplicity of this is thanks to the standardization of the interfaces used in the process, as defined by the VDI/VDE/NAMUR 2658 Module Type Package (MTP) for process modules. The PA-Toolkit supports these interfaces for uniform integration into any MTP-capable control system.

The package can be downloaded from our Support Portal: CODESYS Package

No licence is required for the development and execution of an application in a test environment. A licence is, however, required for continuous operation in an automation solution.

Technical Details

There is no need for a licence to install and use the PA-Toolkit in the CODESYS development environment. A licence is required for the controller that executes a control logic implemented with the PA-Toolkit.

A recurring two-hour demo licence is automatically available for operation in a test environment and does not need to be activated.

The controller-related licences available here facilitate the productive use of a control application. The licences are assigned by entering the corresponding product key.

To use the licence, it must be transferred to the controller using the Festo Automation Suite.




Technical Requirements

Supported systems:

  • CPX-CEC-*-V3 from revision R08
  • CPX-E-CEC-* from revision R10

CODESYS development environment from version