Gripper development

Whether for sturdy gripping in a machine tool, standard gripping or micro-gripping in electronics manufacturing, the range of grippers from Festo covers a wide variety of applications, e.g. the powerful and sturdy three-point gripper HGDT.

Electric parallel gripper HGPLE

Electric parallel gripper HGPLE

Amazingly sturdy and yet sensitive: get a grip on your application with the HGPLE.

More about the parallel gripper HGPLE

Overview of mechanical grippers


The right gripper for every gripping function:

  • Parallel grippers
  • Three-point grippers
  • Angle grippers
  • Radial grippers
  • Swivel/gripper unit
  • Bellows grippers

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Gripper selection software

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Possible combinations

Suitable semi-rotary drives