Festo New Zealand

Vision and Mission

Industry Leadership - It is our intention to be the world's leading company within the fields of pneumatics, process automation and motion control, partnering with our customers to possess unparalleled problem solving competence.

Performance - It is our intention to serve our customers by helping them improve the capabilities of their products and processes by means of our innovative products.

Innovation and Quality - It is our intention to achieve an unequalled level of global brand name recognition for Festo as the embodiment of innovation and quality within our industry

Auckland Office

Festo Limited

+64 (0)9 5741094
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20 Fisher Crescent
MT. Wellington

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30 Sonter Road

How to get there


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+64 (0)9 574 1094

+64 (0)9 574 1099


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Our "Virtual Meeting" tool allows us to deliver audio and video presentations remotely via a PC with your Festo Automation Consultant. Learn more about our products and services, get application advice, technical support and training online from Festo. 


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