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TiA No.1.2020

In focus: "Decisions"

How we decide what we decide
Neurobiologist Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Roth breaks down the four types of decisions. And explains how external factors also influence our decision-making process. Page 8

Seeing and understanding
More than 3,700 subscribers, over 120 videos in German and English, 1 million clicks: the YouTube video series ‘service2see’ is the perfect complement to the technical hotline. Page 12


The right choice
Where once the focus was on pneumatic solutions, nowadays the Festo portfolio boasts fi ve technologies, all equally represented. Page 14


One more question
Dr. Frank Melzer, Member of the Management Board at Festo, talks about his work as head of the central steering group of Plattform Industrie 4.0 and about forward looking decisions. Page 20

The right response
Both a challenge and an opportunity: successful partnerships, joint projects and new ways of communicating during the coronavirus pandemic. 22

Rapid mask production
Mikron, Germany: a mobile system for producing face masks made possible with engineering support from Festo and featuring products from the core product range. Page 28

Cutting-edge machining
Stama, Germany: milling turning centres with integrated automation and key components from Festo. Four customised solutions play their role in the high speed handling processes. Page 30

A wealth of diamonds a day
Buko, Belgium: high performance automation solution with fast switching valves brings out the sparkle in diamonds. Page 36


A perfect fit
Paro, Switzerland: flexible electronics assembly with the Multi Carrier System. The transport solution increases the flexibility of the plant. Page 38

Care and cooperation
Croatia, Alfa Car: new production plant for car cosmetic products. More than 200 process valves can be controlled fully automatically using a complete solution from Festo. Page 40


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