Through-hole technology THT

Selective soldering of components

Your objective: moving PCBs precisely over the soldering points

Our solution: electric handling systems for moving, gripping and positioning PCBs accurately

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB as a three-dimensional gantry

  • Comprehensive range of mounting accessories for multi-axis combinations
  • High performance allows smaller axis sizes to be used


Short product information for EGC

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB in the catalogue

Ideal for dynamic positioning tasks: servo motor EMMS-AS from Festo

Ideal for dynamic positioning tasks: servo motor EMMS-AS from Festo

  • Optionally available with digital absolute displacement encoder, single turn (standard) or multi-turn (optional)
  • Additional option of holding brake for the "safe stop" function to EN 954-1/Cat.3.


 Product information Electric automation

Servo motor EMMS-AS in the catalogue

    Toothed belt axis ELGR

For high loads and improved guidance behaviour: toothed belt axis ELGR

  • Reliable in operation due to complete kit for easy and space-saving end-position sensing
  • High speed of up to 3 m/s with repetition accuracy of 0.1 mm


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Toothed belt axis ELGR in the catalogue

    Radial and angle grippers DHRS/DHWS

Radial gripper DHRS and angle gripper DHWS

  • Double-acting piston drive
  • Maximum repetition accuracy


 More details on the grippers in the Front Unit brochure

More on radial gripper DHRS/angle gripper DHWS

    The valve terminal CPX/MPA for diagnostics and monitoring in the water industry

Integrated diagnostics and condition monitoring on the valve terminal CPX/MPA

  • Avoiding up to 35% of downtime with intelligent condition monitoring
  • More productivity due to the integrated solution with reduced installation effort


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    Wide range of variants: compact standard cylinder ADN from Festo

Small and powerful: compact cylinder ADN

  • Heat-resistant or low temperature
  • Reinforced piston rod for higher lateral forces
  • Very low friction, designed for low speeds 

Overview of cylinders with piston rod

ADN in the catalogue