Electric linear axis EGC

Dynamic and fast with improved rigidity – as a toothed belt drive, spindle drive or guide axis

With new safety elements for creating a safety-oriented handling axis

  • New aluminium profiles with exterior guide: increased rigidity and improved efficiency thanks to downsizing (smaller size with the same load)
  • Guide closer to the load: smaller lever arms for high maximum load and torques
  • Motor mounting on both sides (right/left) and both ends of the toothed belt axis: motor position can be altered at any time 


Electric linear axis EGC in the catalogue

New: measuring and clamping units for increased safety

  • Linear displacement encoder directly monitors the position of the axis slide.
  • Functional safety thanks to optional second displacement encoder for position detection (2.5 µ resolution)
  • Single or double channel clamping unit works directly on the guide rails of the axis: for holding function or as an emergency brake.
  • Together with safety system CMGA, this forms a complete safety solution.
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Electrical toothed belt axis EGC-TB-185 with 8.5 mm stroke

EGC Product information

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Electric axis EGC

Product data Toothed belt axis EGC-TB-KF Spindle axis EGC-BS-KF Passive guide axis EGC-FA
Axis Electric linear axis with toothed belt drive Electric linear axis with spindle drive Driveless linear guide unit

(profile width in mm)

50/70/80/120/185 70/80/120/185 70/80/120/185
Max. stroke [mm] 8,500 3,000 8,500
Max. feed force Fx [N] 2,500 3,000 ---
Torques My/Mz [Nm] 1,820 1,820 1,160
Torques Mx [Nm] 530 530 530
Max. speed [m/s] 5 2 5
Max. acceleration [m/s²] 50 15 50
Repetition accuracy [mm] ± 0.08 ± 0.02 ---